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Texas workers urge GM plant closure as virus surges

Concerned about the rapidly rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Texas, UAW workers have asked for the temporary closure of the GM SUV plant in Arlington.

How did FCA go from worst to first?

Dodge's No. 1 ranking in the latest J.D. Power Initial Quality Study was decades in the making. But it should be viewed as just the beginning.

John Mooney revolutionized catalytic converter

The modern catalytic converter was the brainchild of two chemical engineers, John Mooney and his boss Carl Keith at Engelhard Corp in the 1970's. Mooney, who died June 16, was credited with the breakthrough.

Extended test drive may include jail time

A Lincoln dealership in Wisconsin says a customer took a used MKC on a five-day, 3,000-mile test drive that ended when police arrested him.

Dream Cruisers won't take no for an answer

The cancellation of the August event in suburban Detroit is unlikely to deter many of the hot-rodders and muscle car owners from showing up to celebrate and admire each other's rides.